I’m Leah, a Holistic Health Coach, a wife to my wonderful husband, and a mom to two adorable King Charles Cavaliers.  We live in sunny Southern California.  I have lived here most of my life, other than a three year stint in Australia.  I created Workable Wellness to help women reach their own personal health goals, stemming much from my own past.  My passion is in empowering & supporting you to become the best version of yourself, because I believe everyone deserves a healthy & happy life.

We all have our own health journey, and mine has been a real work in progress.  I have suffered from body image issues, orthorexia, hormone and fertility issues, and a sugar addiction.  To get where I am today has taken a lot of dedication and self-acceptance.  I grew up on a lot of junk food and a misunderstanding of what good, wholesome foods were.  Reversing and adapting to the right way took time, and a diagnoses of gluten intolerance in 2002, to really start turning my habits around.  I continued on a bad path, overcompensating for all the foods I felt I was missing out on and over indulging on the “gluten free” items to fill the void.  That did nothing for my health or my waistline.  Through trial and error, I started to see what worked for me (which will be different for you), and have finally found a place of peace and happiness with food and how I feel.

In case you are wondering about orthorexia, it is an eating disorder which stems from the root ‘ortho’, meaning ‘right’ or ‘correct.’ This eating disorder has less to do with body image and restriction, and more to do with eating only purely healthy foods. I took everything I knew health-wise to the extreme, so while I was eating very healthy and exercising daily, this routine was severe and detrimental to my health–there is such a thing as “too healthy”.

My biggest take away from all of this is it’s difficult to live our lives at maximum potential if we feel weighed down.  I am aware we can feel how we were designed to feel by the choices we make, both on and off our plate.  My passion is to help others down that path, assisting in their own unique journey,  to wellness.