Easy Kale Chips Recipe

Easy Kale Chips Recipe

I think people who are a little weary of eating kale would come around to these kale chips.  What’s not to love?  They’re crispy and salty, so after making these you should dare one of your friends to have some too, they may just convert (if you’re willing to share)!  I like easy recipes, and I like crispy, salty snacks once in a while, and these kale chips are perfect for that!

I’m often tempted to pick some up at the health food store, but can’t bring myself to do it for the price.  They’re good, that’s for sure, but I know I can get a huge bunch of kale for $0.99 (on special!), and with a little extra time (probably the time it takes me to not purchase the ready made ones at the store), I can have my very own, and more of it.

I personally enjoy kale chips with a little olive oil and salt, but coconut oil and any other spices work too.  If you like spicy I would add a dash of cayenne, or you can add some cheese at the end, like some Parmesan or in my case sprinkle nutritional yeast on top.  Nutritional yeast adds loads of nutrition as it contains all 18 amino acids making it a complete protein, and chock full of B vitamins too!  That extra yummy flavor packs a lot of punch other than just on your taste buds.

Kale chips on baking sheet

Before you make them, here are a few suggestions: whatever you do decide to dress them with, make sure it’s light.  You can be liberal with seasoning, but if they are too oily they will come out soggy!  The goal is that nice, crisp texture which is really hard to achieve if they’re drenched to begin with.  I like to check mine every 10 minutes to toss them on the baking sheet, and make sure they’re spread out.  This ensures they’re evenly crisped.  Lastly, wait a few minutes to let them cool before  you devour.  Just like I’ve found when making granola, some of the best crisp factor comes from allowing it to cool for a few!

baked kale chips nutritional yeast


[yumprint-recipe id=’7′] What’s your favorite kale chips seasoning?  Have they replaced a snack you used to eat that wasn’t as healthy?

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