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Oh, Halloween.  The one day a year we’re actually encouraged to go to the sweet side! And the temptation?  It’s everywhere!  That is why my friend Nikki and I created an eBook chock full of Halloween recipes and our own personal tips and tricks we use to stay healthy and clear off all the sugar. After two full days in the kitchen, many photographs taken, and recipe trials and errors, we settled on favorites.  Kids will love it too!  When you fill up on the good stuff, it’s tough to have room for the bad.  We’re all human, we all indulge sometimes or give in to a craving–and that’s OK!  But, by creating yummy, healthier alternatives and having them readily available will not only help pack a nutritional punch, it’ll ward off any further cravings.  

Please click here or on the picture below to get YOUR free copy of our Halloween eBook today!

What you’ll find in this eBook:

  • Real, wholesome ingredients
  • Paleo friendly recipes
  • Gluten free treats
  • Raw food options
  • Discounts on other eBooks
  • Helpful tips from Health Coaches, Nikki & Leah

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What are your favorite Halloween treats?

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